datasets module#

Use this module to download sample datasets from Edge Impulse CDN.

edgeimpulse.datasets.download_dataset(name, force_redownload=False, overwrite_existing=False)[source]#

Download and extracts a dataset from the Edge Impulse CDN.

  • name (str) – The name of the dataset to download.

  • force_redownload (bool, optional) – If True, forces re-downloading the dataset even if it exists. Defaults to False.

  • overwrite_existing (bool, optional) – If True, overwrites the existing dataset directory. Defaults to False.

edgeimpulse.datasets.list_datasets() List[dict][source]#

List the available datasets on the Edge Impulse CDN.

edgeimpulse.datasets.load_timeseries() np.array[source]#

Load the timeseries dataset.